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SA Armour Museum (Heritage special)
South Africa`s Armoured Heritage DVD available at Museum shop 


opening hours
 Monday- Friday 
 09:00AM - 15:00PM 

- Ee are closed on Saturdays,Sundays and public holidays. 

-Group visits must be arranged 14 days in advance with

Lt. Col P.G. Mangana or

Lt Col M.B. Madolo.

-After hours can be arranged with curator.

Contact details

Museum Curator

WO 1 Sieg Marais

Tel: +27 51 402 1959

Mobile: 083 366 0367

E-mail: armourschool@



Lt Col Johnny (Rassie) Erasmus

Telephone: 051 402 1777

Mobile: +27 84 061 1177

E-mail: armourschool@